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VR headsets and immersive VR experiences are  currently very hot topics. With all of the major manufacturers releasing their respective hardware to the market how do you keep up? We will help you to gain a basic understanding of our latest developments and show you how we can get your customers in to the world of Virtual Reality. This year promises to be the year of the Virtual Reality Headset.

With the latest virtual reality (VR) headsets allowing us to develop fully interactive, responsive, immersive, 3D models, we are excited by the power and potential that this technology offers our clients.

With a growing number of projects in our portfolio, workplace designers are beginning to use VR to better understand the space they are working in while property developers are taking advantage of the opportunity to inspire potential investors.

With VR, the possibilities are endless. We look forward to working with this 3D tool over the coming months and years to come, discovering the new and innovative 3D applications that will benefit our clients.

VR for you...

Currently we offer two distinct VR offerings; 360 Virtual Tours and fully immersive VR Environments utilising game engine technologies.

360 Virtual Tours

These 360 panoramic tours and videos can be used in conjunction with your mobile device and smart phone. Utilising the gyroscope within your mobile phone and VR headset this is the simplest way to enjoy VR. YouTube now supports 360 videos and more companies are offering another dimension to their media. Our own 360 tours can work with or without the VR option. Simply select the VR setting and place your smart phone into the viewer case. Sit back and enjoy! No need for the use of your hands. The software use's a simple cursor system to explore the seamlessly linked 360 panoramic views. This is a natural progression for our CGI's and offers your customers a unique and pleasurable VR solution.

VR Environments

The purists amongst us would argue the 360 virtual tours aren't really VR. However, they would agree that the use of game engine technology is. For this we use Unity 3d software, which offers us limitless possibilities. In conjunction with Oculus Rift, VR immersive environments are here. We have developed a set of skills and technologies which deliver high quality, fully interactive Virtual Reality projects and more.



Case Study: BOF

BOF, a furniture company that provides office solutions for workplace environments, commissioned Do Digital Realities to provide a series of 3D images to promote their product range. We kicked off with a 3D Discovery Workshop to understand the business goals, identify the 3D tools, technologies and applications and agree a 3D strategy to inspire customers and drive sales. Read more...



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